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The benefits of promotional products vs advertising- Thursday, April 9, 2015

Are you considering how to get the most out of your marketing budget? Not sure about the most cost effective way of attracting the attention of potential customers and subsequently persuading them to purchase from your business?

There are two tactics - advertising and promotional products. Advertising can provide longer exposure yet it is expensive and generally used by medium to large companies. Promotional products are valued for their contribution to brand exposure and customer loyalty while maintaining budget flexibility (no more wasting money on non-prospects).

A recent industry study revealed that when it comes to cost per impression, promotional products are the most cost effective way of advertising.

Nine months is the average amount of time that a promotional product was kept. Wow, long-term memorability at the cost of paying for only one single exposure. Imagine how much a nine month online campaign would cost!

Since these items get used regularly, they result in 43 per cent more brand recognition and recall than over advertising methods like TV, radio, or magazines. In terms of online advertising, banner ads have an incredibly low engagement rate with only 0.01% of users clicking through. And Google Adwords can be very competitive; you may be paying $45 per click or upwards.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using promotional products is that they are audience friendly, so people don’t really view them as advertising or a nuisance. Plus promotional products are actually useful! Ninety-seven per cent of recipients keep them with the other three per cent usually passing the products on to family or friend.

So should you scrap advertising altogether? No, it still has an important role to play and integrating it with a promotional products campaign can be extremely effective. From pens to coffee mugs, virtually any useful item can be transformed into a promotional product featuring your brand. 

So, when you’re next looking at your marketing plan, why not consider adding promotional products to the advertising mix?

At Great Ideas awards + gifts, we not only supply all your promotional product needs but we can also help you in determining the best product/s to suit your industry, customer and budget.

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